College Avenue Student Center

College Avenue Student Center

126 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Information Desk: 848.932.7724

College Avenue Student Center Office: 848.932.8070


College Avenue Student Center Administration Office

Director of Student Centers Administrative Office

Leadership and Experiential Learning Office

Major Programs and Events

Rutgers University Programming Association

Rutgers University Police Department – Community Police Officer

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Offices



Soda and snack machines

Kite+Key Tech, The Rutgers Tech Store vending machine

Interfaith Meditation room


Copy and fax services

Study space and lounges

Computer lab

Meeting and event spaces

Charging Stations


Food Options

  • Serving a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.
  • Specialty coffee’s, Panini’s, large variety of specialty pizzas, and provider of Casual Catering Options.
  • Fresh made-to order sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, salads, and provider of Casual Catering Options.
  • Mediterranean cuisine, featuring gyros, falafel, kebabs, hummus, made-to-order fresh salads; all are Halal. Provider of Casual Catering Options.
  • Fresh made-to-order burrito’s and provider of Casual Catering Options.
  • Freshly baked bread each day inside the bakery-cafes and provider of Casual Catering Options.